Officially announce the price of international fireworks festival Da Nang 2018

Organizers International Fireworks Festival Da Nang – DIFF 2018 has officially announced the price of fireworks show nights. Accordingly, ticket prices are not much different from 2017. Tickets are also available to the public.

Only a month longer, Da Nang will be vibrant and brilliant in the spectacular and impressive monuments unprecedented and the festival companion extremely attractive. Following the success of DIFF 2017, the DIFF 2018 Festival is the most anticipated event for the whole country and visitors to Da Nang this summer.

According to information from the Organizing Committee, the price of show fireworks show international Da Nang 2018 does not change much compared to last year, ranging from 300,000 to 1,000,000, depending on the position of the stand. Specifically, tickets for retail customers located at the stands are: B4: 300,000 VND / ticket; B3: 400,000 VND / ticket; B1 + B2: 600,000 VND / ticket; A2 + A3: 800,000 VND / ticket; A1 (VIP seats): 1,000,000 VND / ticket.

For the opening night (30/4) and the finale (30/6), the fare is adjusted to suit the actual needs. Specifically, the tickets for retail customers by the stands as follows: B4: 400,000 VND / ticket; B3: VND 600,000 / ticket; B1 + B2: 800,000 VND / ticket; A2 + A3: 1,000,000 VND / ticket; A1 (VIP audience): 2,000,000 VND / ticket.

The children’s level on all night of fireworks is 50,000 VND, applicable to children under 1m high with adults. In case the customer does not buy the ticket with the correct height of the child and buy back the adult ticket, the children’s ticket purchased will not be valid for swap. This price includes VAT. Each ticket is valid for one person, valid for one use only and is valid only for one day. DIFF 2018 will take place within two months, starting from 30/4/2018 to 30/06/2018, consisting of 05 nights with 05 themes. Love, Time, Happiness, Desire and Friendship, with the participation of 8 teams from countries / territories including Vietnam, Poland, France, USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden. and Portugal. The opening night of DIFF 2018 will take place on the evening of April 30, 1818, with the opening match of two teams Vietnam – Poland, followed by the night will be on 26/5, 02/6, 09 / 6 and the first and second place finishes on 30/6. With the innovations in effects and technology, and the enthusiasm of the demonstration, the fireworks promises to bring DIFF 2018 the unique performances unprecedented.

DIFF 2018 will have its own set of stands, in the same position as last year on the Han River, but is designed in a new model, new technology. In addition to the broader A-range than last year, the front of the stands has large-scale LEDs for audiences to watch theatrical performances on stage. Besides the night fireworks bright sky Da Nang, the program exciting art with the participation of many famous artists such as singer Hong Nhung, Ho Quynh Huong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Tung Duong, Doan Trang, Dang Duong, Phuong Linh, Phuong Vy, Uyen Linh, … will bring DIFF 2018 moments sublimated with art. This year’s “Street Festival” promises to be more vivid and vibrant than the DIFF 2017 with 12 unique flower vases and performances of “ear, eye” of talented artists. The endless dance will bring the air festive atmosphere spread throughout the city.

Dining space with the theme “Four Seasons” will also bring impressive experiences can not miss for visitors. Ranging from April 29th to June 30th, culinary arts of the highest peak, rich with fascinating performances, exciting games will give visitors many unforgettable feelings in the summer of 2018. Breakthrough in ideas and expressions, DIFF 2018 will create a familiar and strange Danang. Still vibrant in festivals and sparkling by fireworks, but fresh, more energetic, more “fire”, so that anyone can “burn themselves” in a great summer.

Ticketing place:

Ba Na Cable Car Service Joint Stock Company:

Business Office: 93 Nguyen Van Linh, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Hotline: 0905 766 777 or 0236.3749.885 / 886

Asia Park Company Limited:

01 Phan Dang Luu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Hotline: 0905.628.004

Office of Danang Tourism Promotion Center

100 Nui Thanh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Hotline: 0236.3863.595 / 0236.3530.400

Da Nang Tourist Support Center:

108 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Hotline: 0236.3550.111

International Airport to Da Nang International Airport: Ngoc Phuong Nghi Company (SimCards) – Hotline: 0941.760.888

60s Restaurant – 50 Ong Ich Khiem, Hai Chau District, Da Nang – Hotline: 0941.760.888

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