Quiet before 4 paradise resort beautiful Nha Trang

Prompt to the glamor of the coastal city of Nha Trang, many people will think of the dream beach with water in the white sand, the road shady trees listening to the wind whispering and even wild rocks. feminine Not only that, Nha Trang is also the land of the class. The resort in Nha Trang offers visitors beautiful views, including the sea, sky and mountains thanks to its geographic advantage, plus the quiet comfort and utilities leading, visitors to This is not from the charm. Temporarily lay aside the bustle and bustle, let yourself be relaxed with 4 resorts in Nha Trang to feel what paradise is in the world.


Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is located in the southwest of Ninh Van Bay, about 25km from Nha Trang. Nha Trang tourist wants to take Six Senses it takes more than an hour to ride and 20 minutes to train. This beachfront resort in Nha Trang attracts visitors from all over the world by its 5-star quality and breathtaking architecture of an idyllic Vietnam.

Contrary to the rustic appearance, the idyllic wood and coconut roofs give the feeling of belonging, the interior of each villa here makes people ‘suffocate’ for luxury and luxury. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why Six Senses Ninh Van achieved so many international awards. Beach Resort’s No. 5 Beach Resort has been voted ‘The most seductive room on the planet’. About Six Senses Ninh Van, visitors comfortably immersed in the endless space of the ocean in front, overlooking the rocky cliffs on the cliffs and comfortable relaxation with unbreakable services. more. All seems to stop on the ship to take the heart of visitors to Six Senses Ninh Van, to open a new world, constantly warm happy surprises.


Located on the island of Hon Tre – the most beautiful island in Nha Trang, overlooking Nha Trang Bay, the name is always in the world’s most beautiful beach by the BBC, Vinpearl Luxury is a great convergence. between the natural sea space and the utility class. The architectural style of this resort in Nha Trang is also making visitors not so easily lost by the beauty of close love. Each villa in Vinpearl Luxury is a perfect combination of neo-classical style, romantic and noble harmonious and private, bring peace to visitors when you go to this place.

Nha Trang Vinpearl Luxury look like a picture from the water to the heart. The blue of the calm sky and the green of the grass, hidden in it are houses with rustic appearance, bringing a sense of peace to the soul is more and more busy. Once upon a time to Vinpearl Luxury was once a satisfied with all the standard 5 star facilities. What is more wonderful when you release your heart gently drifting with the blue water of the sea, inhaling the fresh air and get drunk in bed on the bed, wake up to the sun ray on shoulder, begin to enjoy a series of care services of professional staff.


Rarely where resorts get many international awards as in Nha Trang. If Six Senses Ninh Van has the most charming room on the planet, Amiana Nha Trang again makes many people proudly honored to receive the title of “World’s hottest honeymoon resort” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014. Not far from the city, Amiana Nha Trang owns a beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea, adorned with countless rustic stone slabs, offering a very romantic setting.

Amiana nestled in the turtle, feel the tranquility of a corner of Nha Trang beach, so that the pampered of self-freedom, not disturbed by anything. About Amiana Nha Trang, visitors like stepping into the love story of dreams, let the sea breeze stroked the hair, sand layer smoothly feet and the scenery opened the virtual film magic for the pair met with pleasure to meet. In addition, the service and amenities of the Amanya Nha Trang resort is also an important graft that makes it an attractive destination not only for foreigners.


Unique architecture, perfect space, great facilities are the plus points to help An Lam Ninh Van Bay is always in the Top of the popular travel site Tripsadvisor and is the stop for visitors when traveling Nha Page. The resort leaned back on the pure Heo mountain range and looked towards An Lam gentle grace, hiding in the green jungle rainforest, so that the freshest and most beautiful nature of the always present. Eye visitors, just put out their hands can be touched right.

An Lam is a combination of rustic simplicity that romantic, modern but also very Vietnamese, rustic but subtle, but no less classy, ​​class. Every villa here has a large living space from the pool to the sunbathing yard towards the sea, An Lam’s open-air design creates the comfort and privacy for visitors, free to do things. I like the picture of love without being bothered.

Nha Trang – a beautiful coastal city of South Central brings in the charm of salty and hard to describe. The magnet attracts visitors not only by the blue sea, white sand forests, flowers blooming flowers four seasons, but also by the enchanted hard to deny the resort paradise. Landscape design, design different, class service has made this place an ideal destination for visitors to the cross. Just come and enjoy the experience, to live the happiest days.

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